Product manager & business automation consultant based in Brighton

I help businesses of all sizes work out how and what to build for their users. I’m also interested in business / process automation with nocode tools and healthtech.

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How can I help?

💻 Product Manager

I can help your team develop a roadmap, expand your discovery process and identify potential unmet user needs.

🦾 Automation

I work with the latest nocode tools to automate business workflows saving your business hours each month

🧭 Product Strategy

I facilitate workshops with teams / start ups to help them decide what to build and when. I can also help with your route to market.


About me

I got sucked into the digital world by launching ( and failing ) at my own start up back in 2009, then went into digital marketing & product management. My desire to build things led me to coding & running a small website agency before being drawn back to focussing on product and business automation.

App break downs

I do a weekly app break down to help others see what other's are doing from a product and UX perspective and to keep learning.

Converse App

OS Maps App

Book a call

If you feel you're in a place where I might be able to help let's jump on a quick intro call, 15 minutes is plenty to see if I can help you on your own path. The best way to do this is to message me on LinkedIn.

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Some feedback

<aside> 🗣️ "Nick is a super-smart mobile and web product guy. He is passionate about mobile apps and always goes above and beyond to deliver great software solutions, running discovery workshops and putting himself in the shoes of our clients."


Nick Kuh Director of Engineering - helping clients ship mobile apps fast with React Native

<aside> 🗣️ "Pragmatic have always relied on Nick to jump into a project and start delivering results fast. He's conscientious and efficient, while not compromising on quality."


Tom Chute People Operations Consultant at Angry Creative

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